Aqua aerobic for Pregnant Women

It is widely known that mild exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial for both the mother and her baby.

A number of maternity homes all around the world are equipped with swimming pools and use water in general to exercise and prepare future mothers for birth.

Of course participation in aqua aerobic for pregnant women classes must be held with the approval of the gynecologist.

Benefits of aqua aerobic during pregnancy

Blood circulation

Improves blood circulation and prevents varicose veins that may occur during pregnancy.


Reduction of stress levels and relief from tension which is very important, because during pregnancy women often experience intense anxiety.


Stimulation of the cardiovascular system, with a number of benefits such as increase in oxygen flow for both the mother and her baby.


Maintenance of fitness during pregnancy period and boosting of self-esteem.

No back pain

Limitation of muscle and back pains that are common to pregnant women.

Body comprehension

Greater understanding of the body and the changes that it receives during pregnancy.


Incomparable relief from the weight of the baby which can only be achieved through the buoyancy of the water.


Faster recovery of the process of childbirth.




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