Teaching of swimming and cultivation of basic swimming skills through playing to babies from 3 months to 5 years old.


Baby swimming in "Gorgones kai Mages" is absolutely safe because babies enter the pool in the arms of their parents while the depth of the pool is 1.10m. Our trainers are university graduates, as well as certificated lifeguards.

Our pool hall has been designed from the beginning in order to host baby swimming lessons. Consequently, slippery floors, sharp corners, cables and other potential hazards have been avoided.

Around the pool, all along its perimeter, there is a corridor. The existence of this corridor is obligatory by the law (is indeed a prerequisite for obtaining a license pool) and its purpose is to allow immediate access, at any point of the pool in case of emergency.



Sanitary conditions are fully guaranteed because our pool is disinfected with the most modern and environmentally friendly method (salt water chlorination). The water is crystal clear, without annoying odors and harmful byproducts of chlorine. No chemicals are used and water’s quality is constantly monitored electronically.

Additionally, microbiological analyzes are held once a week, by an accredited laboratory (ISO 17025) and they are put on the bulletin board, so that you can always be absolutely sure of the environment in which your child swims.

The temperature of the pool is kept constantly, in every season, at the ideal temperature of 33 degrees Celsius.

Beneficial effects of baby swimming


It is the only activity that infants can follow from the age of three months, since their neuromuscular development level, does not allow them to stand, walk, run and generally interact in other ways.


It strengthens infant’s muscular system gently and effectively. Generally, swimming is the most complete exercise because all the muscle groups of the body are used simultaneously. Particularly for babies, it is ideal, because it is mild and it does not cause injuries.

Nervous System

It accelerates the development of the nervous system and as a result, infants and toddlers who participate in baby swimming lessons, reveal better motor capabilities compared to other children of the same age.


Swimming, as an aerobic exercise, improves cardiovascular function. Gradually, Infants gain fitness and they set the foundations for a strong organism that will be an valuable inheritance throughout their lifetime.

Correct model

Babies develop their muscles as well as their minds through playing. Therefore, baby swimming is the perfect opportunity to put sports in a child’s lifestyle and adopt the ancient Greek saying "νοῦς ὑγιής ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ" which in free translation means the perfect coexistence of a healthy mind within a healthy body

Parent - child connection

It gives parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their babies. It strengthens the parent-child relationship because they share moments of joy and through a very pleasant activity they grow a closer connection.


According to a research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHHD) US, participation in organized swimming lessons for children aged one to four years, reduces the risk of drowning by 88%.

Swimming skills

Infants at first learn to float safely and as they grow up they start practicing basic swimming styles (freestyle, backstroke). By the time they finish series of our courses, children are ready to join swimming teams having already very strong bases.

Immune system

Improves body's defense system against infections and as a result babies get sick less often, with milder symptoms and they overcome diseases in a shorter time.


It relieves babie's energy, it relaxes them and lets them sleep longer and more soundly.


It helps babies, as it is a group activity, to socialize and learn step by step to interact with other children.


It offers endless hours of fun and playing and fills babies’ sensitive souls with love and zest for life.

Course Details

Baby Swimming classes are taking place twice a week for each group, in a bright and pleasant environment. They last 40 minutes and they include exercises cleverly hidden behind games. This way learning is achieved through playing. Babies are separated in small groups according to their age. There will never be more than 7 in one group, in order to ensure the quality of the lesson and protect them against viruses.

From 3 months until the age at which they will be able to float by themselves safely, (18 months to 2.5 years maximum for kids who have attended our program early on), they enter the pool in the arms of an attendant (usually mom or dad), and the course is conducted under the guidance of the teacher.

In the next level, they enter the pool without their parent’s escort, they follow a different exercising program and they start performing the basic swimming styles (freestyle, backstroke). With this educational method as soon as kids end our program, they are ready to join athletic swimming teams.

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