Our Facilities

"Gorgones & Mages" is the first swimming pool hall in Greece that was created in order to serve the purpose of baby swimming and it is absolutely focused on the specific needs of infants and young kids.

In our swimming pool, take place classes of baby swimming and aqua aerobic for pregnant women while on weekends special children party can be organized with a variety of activities and team games in and out of the water!

"Gorgones & Mages" has the necessary operating license and therefore our services and our facilities are controlled by the competent authorities.

The idea

The "Gorgones kai Mages" emerged after years of engagement in teaching swimming to babies and very young children, in various pools throughout the country.

We realized, on the one hand the needs and characteristics of infants and toddlers and on the other hand the available facilities in public pools, It was decided that it is time for a private initiative in the field of baby swimming

Our facilities have been developed with great care for safety and hygiene, by qualified personnel with deep experience and knowledge on caring of infants and toddlers.

Our effort aims to create a pool hall designed from the start to fully serve the needs of children and parents. We want our babies to play, exercise and socialize in a relaxed and safe environment. On the other hand, parents should be able to share with their children joyful activities, in a pleasant area where they can find whatever they need without any problem or discomfort.

Our philosophy

We focus on human personality. We support a personal, individual approach, with respect and responsibility for the children and the parents. We seek to create a family atmosphere and we are always there for anything you need.

We care, we try, we worry.

Not only children, but we all must feel safe. Our primary concern is health and hygiene. The professionalism of our staff is your guarantee.


The years of experience, the strict selection and qualification of personnel,
accelerate results and our babies begin to float independently
by 18 months old!

Giouli Thanou Bizirgianni



Mirto Vamvaka



Irene Tsiouni




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